Rock Around The World, CD by Oberaargauer Brass Band

Rock Around The World

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Manfred Obrecht
€ 9.00
Music Sample
No. Track / Title Music Sample Sheet music
01New York, New York
02Elvis Rocks!
03What A Wonderful World
04See You Later, Alligator
05Vivo Per Lei
06Rock Around The Clock
07Chanson d'Amour
08Sugar Blues
09Everybody Needs Somebody
10No Matter What
12For The First Time
13Take A Chance On Me
14Sweet, Sweet Smile
15I Just Called To Say I Love You
16Moon River
17Hey Jude
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«Rock Around The World» is a Brass Band CD by Obrasso. The CD was recorded 2001 by Oberaargauer Brass Band and the conductor Manfred Obrecht.

The music label Obrasso Records belongs to Obrasso Verlag from Switzerland. The Oberaargauer Brass Band has recorded a lot of music for Obrasso. The Sheet Music for Brass Band are available at Obrasso’s webshop.

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