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The Obrasso Verlag AG from Switzerland is a specialist shop for wind music literature of all kinds. The music publisher offers a wide range of sheet music for sale online. Obrasso is considered one of the most renowned publishers for wind music in a wide range of instrumentation.

The range of sheet music for brass instruments is particularly noteworthy. From solo instruments to the complete brass ensemble literature for trio, quartet, quintet, sextet and 10-piece brass ensemble to compositions for brass band, the online shop offers everything the brass music heart desires. Renowned composers and arrangers from all over the world offer their sheet music at the music publishing house of Obrasso. In addition to the traditional sheet music for brass formations, the publishing house offers numerous special editions for brass bands with reduced instrumentation.

Brass orchestra sheet music is also available in large numbers. Obrasso also offers music in this genre, which is aimed at a wide variety of instrumentations. Whether a fully developed symphonic wind orchestra or an orchestra with a small instrumentation, Obrasso has a separate series of sheet music for everyone.

With a variable and user-friendly search function, you can adapt the range of sheet music to your needs in just a few steps. Select products by composer, arranger, genre or level of difficulty. Take advantage of the free audio samples and sample scores which are available in many of our sheet music editions and will make your selection easier.

The music of Obrasso has been published on numerous sound carriers (CDs). More than 1,000 works for brass band and wind orchestra are available on over 150 CDs.

Order sheet music today in the webshop of Obrasso, one of the leading music publishers for brass music in Europe.

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